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If you’re using spreadsheets and word processors, there could be a huge opportunity to increase productivity and remove tedious manual tasks, all while saving time, mitigating errors and compliance risks. In fact, CaseWare Africa has been enhancing performance and extending core capabilities of auditors, accountants and financial managers in over 130 countries – and it’s easy to see why.


As one of the seven largest Chartered Accountancy firms in Zambia, Moores Rowland Zambia provides clients with a variety of services when it comes to audit, advisory and financial reporting. Servicing their clients professionally and accurately is key. It is with this sentiment in mind that Moores Rowland Zambia turned to CaseWare Africa in 2010 – and the results of that decision have only been positive since then. According to Ravi Sankar, Partner at Moores Rowland Zambia, all financial statements were previously done manually using Excel – a tedious and difficult task. What’s more, their audit planning and audit programme procedures also all had to be done manually. “Having moved over to CaseWare, it now not only ensures that we have an automated process which allows us to electronically prepare IFRS or IFRS for SME compliant financial statements, but that we also have a streamlined audit process that is compliant with the ISA. This not only saves time and effort, but helps easy review for IFRS compliance and ensures reports are done professionally and in a standard format. Also, if we need assistance, the product support from the call centre in South Africa has been positive.

CaseWare also provides regular product improvements which has been a great help in improving our product delivery.” CaseWare Working Papers can also be used by industry accountants so that prepared financial statement can be easily reviewed by auditors with an electronically reconciled audit file. Caseware is used across Moores Rowland Zambia’s 3 offices, where the company has over 40 licences – specifically focused on delivering IFRS compliant financial statements and a streamlined audit process.

“CaseWare is an intuitive audit program designed to streamline our engagements by making it more efficient, giving us more control and ensuring accurate, up-todate compliance,” adds Sankar. “And while access to technology is a challenge in Zambia, I would recommend the move to the automated process with CaseWare – as it is streamlined to the greatest degree providing significant value to our firm, consultants and our clients.” Hear what our raving fans in Zambia have to say about CaseWare CaseWare Africa drives automation and compliance for Moores Rowland Zambia Our local partner.

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